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Bed and Breakfast Insurance

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Bed and Breakfast Insurance

When running a Bed and Breakfast there are many plates that you need to keep spinning at one time. Dealing with guests, suppliers coming and going into your property, cooking and cleaning tasks, you may face several daily risks and challenges. Therefore, you need comprehensive Bed and Breakfast Insurance to protect you, your customers, and your reputation.

What is Bed and Breakfast Insurance?

A policy that is designed to cover the risks associated with running a Bed and Breakfast business. Buildings insurance and public liability should come as standard, there are also a range of other covers available to your needs.

Bed and Breakfast Insurance

What cover do I need?

Public liability covers your business in case your guests or any other members of the public are injured while they are at your bed and breakfast.

Building – This covers the main property, outbuildings, walls, gates, and fences against the standard perils. You must insure your buildings for the  ‘Full Rebuild’ cost should your property be totally destroyed.

Business Contents – Covers all contents which guests will have access to or which will be used in conjunction with your business, e.g. guest bedroom furniture, carpets, cooking equipment, dining area tables and chairs, etc.

Personal Contents – If your guest house is owner occupied which most are, then you’ll likely have your own private quarters. It’s advisable to include cover for your own personal contents and valuables, like furniture, clothing, jewellery, electrical goods etc.

Stock – Covers your trade stock for breakfast food, toiletries, or any other items that you may sell.

Employers Liability – If you employ anyone to help out at your premises including chefs, cleaners, receptionists or similar then legally you are required to have Employers Liability insurance cover in place.



Legal – Cover is provided for costs incurred in pursuing or defending the legal rights of the business in relation to statutory employment and taxation legislation, contract disputes and in pursuit of common law actions against third parties for nuisance and property damage. You will normally be charged extra for this cover.

Business Interruption – This can be a very important cover to have included under a Bed and Breakfast policy. If your property is damaged, lets just say a fire, and you are unable to trade or let any rooms out for 12 months whilst the property is being repaired then your normal income would have disappeared.

Luckily, Business Interruption cover will reimburse you for your financial losses. Many policies will give you cover automatically, but check to make sure, and if covered make sure you have enough cover.

Usually based on your gross profit and an indemnity period usually at 12 or 24 months. For larger Bed and Breakfast businesses we recommend a minimum of 24 months cover. This indemnity period should represent the maximum period it could take to get your guest house back up and running after a total loss event.

Goods in Transit – Covers stock whilst in transit for damage caused, for example, you’ve driven to the local cash & carry and on the way home you’re involved in an accident that ruins the stock you’ve just purchased.

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Here are some other additional benefits of using an insurance broker like Cleddau –

Benefits of using a Broker

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