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Food and Hospitality Insurance

Bespoke deals in the Hospitality sector

Protecting your pub, cafe, restaurant, pub, or hotel with flexible hospitality insurance has never been easier.

We help you prepare for all sorts of risks from damage to fixtures and fittings to a lost license or onsite fall. Our comprehensive cover matches your specifications, with everything together in one package.

Food and Hospitality Insurance

What is Food and Hospitality Insurance?

A policy that will protect your business, whether it’s a restaurant, café, pub or hotel, from a range of common incidents. Hospitality Insurance will protect your contents, equipment, staff, third-party injuries, and business interruption costs.

When running a hospitality business, the potential risks to you, your staff or your customers occurring may increase for various reasons. Examples include –

  • Assaults on your staff
  • Theft within your business premises
  • If you prepare and serve food, a customer may decide they have suffered ill health from eating it
  • Staff could be injured whilst going about their everyday duties

These are some of the most common incidents that occur in this sector, Cleddau Insurance can help you find a business insurance policy that provides the right financial protection for your business.


We offer insurance solutions across the entire sector including:

Pubs & Bars



Takeaway Outlets


Sandwich Bars


At Cleddau Insurance we provide –

Bespoke Cover – Providing cover that will give you peace of mind

Market Range – Access to over 100 of the UK’s leading insurance companies, some of which you won’t get access from anywhere else.

Integrity – Delivering quality service that has been trusted for over 25 years

Here are some other additional benefits of using an insurance broker like Cleddau –

Benefits of using a Broker

So why not call us today for advice on your insurance needs or fill in the details on the form and we can get back to you with an instant quote.

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