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Hotel Insurance

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Hotel Insurance

Hotels, like Beggars Reach (pictured below) can be busy places, bustling with guests, staff, and suppliers. As there is so much going on you may face increased risks and challenges, which is why it’s essential to have the right hotel insurance policy in place to protect your business should the unforeseen happen. 

Hotel Insurance for Beggars Reach Hotel, Milford Haven

Build a tailored hotel insurance policy from Cleddau Insurance to give you the coverage you need.

What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotel insurance provides business protection for the owners of hotels. There are various policies available, largely dependent on the hotel, its location, and other factors that define its safety. Typically, a hotel insurance policy will offer you cover against events such as crime and weather damage and problems such as mechanical failure and builder’s risk.

What cover do I need?

No two hotels are the same, and the level of hotel insurance you need will depend on a number of things, including:

  • How many rooms you have
  • The type of building you run your hotel from
  • Your turnover
  • How many staff you employ (both regularly and for events)
  • If you hold events and functions –(for example, weddings, business conferences and dinners)

The basic cover required –

  • Buildings and contents insurance can help your hotel if it suffers damage as a result of something like fire, flood, or burglary. You can also add business turnover protection – also known as business interruption cover, which can protect your income if you have to close your hotel because of damage.
  • Public liability insurance protects you against compensation claims made by a member of the public for injury or damage to their personal items that they blame on your business. For example, if a hotel guest trips on your lobby floor because it’s wet from cleaning and there’s no warning sign.
  • Employers’ liability insurance, is a legal requirement for most businesses that have staff. You may face fines if you don’t have a suitable policy in place. It covers claims made against you by an employee for injury or illness that’s due to their work.

Additional options – 

  • Accidental damage is one element you should consider. For example, you drill through a cable and plunge your hotel into darkness.
  • Fixtures and fittings are a common add-on, as the cost of damage to these can add up quickly. You could include cover for cash kept on the premises, too.
  • Legal protection is another element that is often chosen, in case of a dispute with a third party.
  • If your hotel runs a restaurant, you might choose to add on extra cover for stock such as food and alcohol. You could include cover for loss of licence, which provides compensation for the reduction in turnover if you were to lose the right to sell alcohol.

At Cleddau Insurance we provide –

Bespoke Cover – Providing cover that will give you peace of mind

Market Range – Access to over 100 of the UK’s leading insurance companies, some of which you won’t get access from anywhere else.

Integrity – Delivering quality service that has been trusted for over 25 years

Here are some other additional benefits of using an insurance broker like Cleddau –

Benefits of using a Broker

So why not call us today for advice on your insurance needs or fill in the details on the form and we can get back to you with an instant quote.

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