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Software Developer Insurance

Business Insurance for Software Developers

Software developer insurance is programmed to protect you. You can look at it as your very own IT support.


Whether you work in website development, IT infrastructure or offer Software as a service, you’ll face risks specific to your profession and in some cases more general liabilities.

Software Developer Insurance

What are the risks you run?

Mistakes on the job – IT errors can be costly. Software Developer Insurance can help guard you against any compensation claims.

Breach of contract – In the event of claims of breach of contract, insurance can help cover you for legal fees and possible compensation.

Accidental damage to others’ property – Insurance can cover you for accidental damage to hardware or equipment belonging to third parties.

Client misunderstandings or disputes – Complex projects can be hard to specify. Insurance protects you in the event of disputes over terms.

Risks of IP disputes – Insurance can cover you for allegations of copyright infringement and similar IP conflicts.

Broken or lost equipment – Computer equipment is essential for software developers. Business contents insurance can help keep you working following accidental damage, loss, or theft of your business equipment.


What cover do you need, what are your options?

Most policies start with professional indemnity insurance for software developers. Even if you’re a software contractor, insurance like employers’ liability is legally required if you employ anyone. Software developer insurance can also include key covers like public liability insurance, protecting you if anyone is injured or their property gets damaged. Here are some other key covers to consider –

Professional Indemnity – Professional Indemnity insurance takes care of claims and allegations made against you by clients and third parties because of mistakes you’ve made and things you’ve failed to do.

Claims against your business may include:

  • Negligence
  • Defamation
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Loss of documents or data
  • Negligent misrepresentation or misstatement
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Virus transmission
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Failure of third-party equipment

Public Liability Insurance – For circumstances when you go out and about on business or have visitors to your office. It’s for claims of physical damage to property and people.

Employers’ Liability Insurance – If an employee sues the business for damages. Claims are usually because they’ve suffered injuries and illnesses as a consequence of working for you, which is a legal requirement.

Business Equipment Insurance – Covers business and office equipment (furniture, fixed IT equipment etc) and portable insurance covers gadgets and technical equipment away from the office (laptops, tablets, projectors etc).

Legal Expenses Insurance – In case you’re faced with certain legal costs while running your software business.

Cyber Insurance – This would cover cyber-attacks and other digital risks, such as accidental data breaches. If a breach stops you in your tracks, cyber and data insurance can help to reimburse your loss of income while your software development business gets up and running again. It can also fund forensic investigations to help recover lost data and provide liability support if a client says your software transmitted a virus.


Why Use us for your Software Developer Insurance?

Cleddau Insurance’s key services and offering –

Bespoke Cover – Providing insurance cover specific to your needs

Competitive Price – We guarantee to provide the best price for the cover you require

Access to Market – Access to over 100 of the UK’s leading insurers, some of which are exclusive to Cleddau Insurance

30 years experience – Delivering quality service that is trusted. We understand our customer’s requirements and the most efficient way of achieving their insurance needs.

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Why use an insurance broker

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