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Caravan Insurance

We will make sure you have the best caravan cover for a great price

Caravan Insurance is not compulsory however we do recommend you having a policy. Most holiday parks generally require third party cover. Cleddau Insurance have always offered Caravan Insurance and would be more than happy to help get the right cover for your needs.

Do I need Caravan Insurance?

Legally you don’t need caravan insurance, however it will not be covered under your typical car insurance. In a situation where you have caused an accident and the caravan is damaged, this will not be covered. On the flip side and an accident was not your fault, the other driver’s insurance would likely cover any damage to your caravan.

Insurance options

Basic cover would protect financial loss against damage to your caravan through accidental or weather as well as theft.

  • Damage – Internal and external cover from any accidents such as leaks, damage whilst being towed or parked.
  • Third party – When a member of the public gets injured, or the caravan causes damage to property after an accident.
  • Theft – When a caravan is stolen outside your home or a campsite

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